Part 1: 5-Part Guide to Improving Your English Listening Skills

Listening to speakers in another language can be challenging at first. Often, the pronunciation is different than you expect, due to differences from your native language, the dialect of the speaker, or the situation. For example, if “r” in your language is pronounced like an English speaker’s “h”, every time you hear or pronounce anContinue reading “Part 1: 5-Part Guide to Improving Your English Listening Skills”

Friday in a Flash: “Not my cup of tea”

Time for a quick idiom lesson! “It’s not my cup of tea.” For example: A: Do you like watching baseball? A bunch of us are going to a bar to watch the Yankees game this weekend if you want to come. B: Hmmm. Baseball really isn’t my cup of tea…but it’s better than staying home.Continue reading “Friday in a Flash: “Not my cup of tea””

Video Lesson: Rain! Words & Expressions

All new! Watch this video (less than 5 minutes!) of a few words and expressions related to rain. Sign up for the Teacher Amanda email list & get a free gift!

See ya: 9 ways to say goodbye

Last week, the school where I teach in-person closed, and everyone at the school – teachers, staff, and students – spent several days celebrating and saying goodbye (and also being a little sad!). Whether formal or informal, there are many ways to say ‘goodbye’ in English. Here are just nine! 1. bye / bye byeContinue reading “See ya: 9 ways to say goodbye”

Brrrr! 7 Winter Weather Words

Even though spring is technically here (well…in the Northern Hemisphere anyway!), that doesn’t mean that winter weather has said goodbye. Read on for seven useful winter weather phrases. snowed in This phrasal verb is used when you cannot leave (usually your house) because there has been too much snow. We went on vacation in the mountainsContinue reading “Brrrr! 7 Winter Weather Words”