Friday in a Flash: “Not my cup of tea”

Time for a quick idiom lesson!

“It’s not my cup of tea.”

For example:

A: Do you like watching baseball? A bunch of us are going to a bar to watch the Yankees game this weekend if you want to come.

B: Hmmm. Baseball really isn’t my cup of tea…but it’s better than staying home. Sure!


After reading the conversation above, what do you think “not my cup of tea” means? Keep in mind, this idiom started in British English (although it is very common in American English) and Brits love their tea!

So if you guessed that “it isn’t my cup of tea” means something you do not like or are not interested in, then you are correct!

Now, try and use it in a sentence of your own! Post it in the comments or send it to me at

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