See ya: 9 ways to say goodbye

Last week, the school where I teach in-person closed, and everyone at the school – teachers, staff, and students – spent several days celebrating and saying goodbye (and also being a little sad!).

Whether formal or informal, there are many ways to say ‘goodbye’ in English. Here are just nine!

1. bye / bye bye

“Bye” – This obvious shortening of “goodbye” can be used with anyone across any social situation.

“Bye bye” – This is a bit more informal and should be used with people you are familiar with. In pronunciation, the words are often (but not always) blended together: b-bye.

2. see you (ya) / see you later

More on the informal side, “see you,” “see ya,” and “see you later” are quite common among friends.

3. later

Very informal! “Later” is a shortening of “see you later.”

4. take it easy

Also informal, “take it easy” is a way of saying “have a nice day,” as in “don’t work too hard.”

5. have a nice day

Exactly like it sounds, “Have a nice day” is more formal way of saying “goodbye” and great to use when patronizing a shop or in business.

6. it was nice to meet you / see you (again)

“It was nice to meet you” and “It was nice to see you (again)” are great ways to say goodbye to some one you don’t know well. This works for business and social situations.

7. I’m out

Very informal! “I’m out” is a way of saying “I’m leaving now.”

8. take care

“Take care” is said when you likely won’t see someone for a while. It’s a general expression and is safe to use with anyone (although it’s slightly more formal than some other expressions here).

9. good night

Obviously, only used at night! While “good evening” and “good night” refer to more or less the same time of day (in general, after the sun goes down), “good night” cannot be used as a greeting in place of “hello”; it can only be used in place of “goodbye.”


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