Part 3: 5-Part Guide to Improving Your English Listening Skills

I hope you’ve been enjoying this series on how to improve your listening comprehension!

Check out Part One here, and Part Two here.

Now on to Part Three! Instead of a strategy, this part revolves around a great listening resource.

Part Three: YouGlish

Part 3 Improve Your Listening Comprehension Skills

After my first two strategies, you’ve been using the Subtitle Strategy, and keeping your vocabulary notebook with you at all times.

But maybe you want to hear specific words or phrases and how English speakers say them. That’s where the innovative and helpful website YouGlish comes in!

Screenshot 2018-06-06 at 2.00.37 PM

All you do is enter the word or phrase you want to hear in the search box, choose what type of English speaker you want to listen to (American, British, or Australian) and click “Say it!”. YouGlish then finds a long list of YouTube videos that have that word or phrase in it, and cues up each video to the exact spot where the speaker says it. Brilliant!

Many of the videos are talks or speeches, so you can listen to the speaker saying the phrase in “real” conversation, and there are dozens upon dozens of videos that you can listen to for any phrase you want. Best of all, all the videos have subtitles so that you can see exactly when your search phrase is mentioned.

Try out YouGlish. What do you think?

Check back next week for part four!

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