Part 2: 5-Part Guide to Improving Your English Listening Skills

If you read my last blog post, then you already know why listening skills in another language can be difficult and frustrating to improve.

But luckily for language learners everywhere, there are some easy tips you can follow in order to improve your listening comprehension. Read on for part two of my five-part series on how to improve your listening comprehension skills in English.

Have you tried any techniques to improve your listening skills? Or do you have a question? Leave a comment!


Part Two: The Notebook Necessity

You might wonder what a notebook has to do with listening. In one word: vocabulary.

Yes, you need to train your ear to understand hearing the target language, but you also need to learn as much vocabulary as possible. When studying another language, you’ll run into (run into = encounter) all types of vocabulary – formal language in textbooks, slang and cultural references in conversation and on TV, and informal language from many sources.

Keeping a small notebook of new words or phrases, as well as what they mean in your native language, can be helpful for studying – and studying these new words in your notebook is a great alternative to mindlessly scrolling through your phone during your “down time” (down time = time when you don’t have anything to do).

Write down new vocabulary words while you are reading, while watching a TV or movie (you’re using The Subtitle Strategy, right?!), or – even though it’s a bit more difficult – during or just after a conversation.

Not a paper-and-pen person? Keep notes in your phone in stead.

If you want to take your vocabulary studying up to the next level, create vocabulary cards (English on one side, the translation into your language on the other) from paper, notecards, or with a website like Quizlet or Cram.

How do you learn new vocabulary?

Check back next week for part three!

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