Updated: 5 Tips to Improve Your Writing in English

Learn 5 easy tips for improving your writing in English, especially for academic and business English. Geared toward non-native English speakers, but also great for English-speaking college students and professionals.

Reporting Language

What happens when you’re writing something – say, a writing assignment for a class – and you have to introduce words or ideas that someone else said or wrote? You need… Reporting Language! Reporting language (or reporting verbs) are used in writing to introduce outside sources to your reader. Whether you are quoting or paraphrasingContinue reading “Reporting Language”

Video: Structuring an essay for an American audience

Get a quick tutorial on how an academic essay for an American (North American / Western) audience is structured in this 4-minute video lesson from Teacher Amanda. (Check out the Teacher Amanda YouTube page!) Learn more about academic English reading & writing Learn more about university-level English reading and writing in my (upcoming) 9-unit courseContinue reading “Video: Structuring an essay for an American audience”