Using “come” and “go”

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4 ways to improve your English pronunciation

“Can you repeat that?” Anyone who has studied a foreign language has definitely had this experience: You try so hard to communicate something – what you want to order at a restaurant, to tell a story to someone, or to ask where something is – but the person you’re talking to can’t understand you. SometimesContinue reading “4 ways to improve your English pronunciation”

UPDATED! Moving: 6 American English vocabulary words

Last year, I made a post about English vocabulary words related to moving because I had just moved. And I just moved again! So I am re-posting the lesson, but I have updated it by adding more information and example sentences. 1. to hire movers vs. get/rent a U-Haul “Did you hire movers or getContinue reading “UPDATED! Moving: 6 American English vocabulary words”

Basic English Pronunciation: Vowels

Check out my latest YouTube video, Lesson 1 in my upcoming 5-unit course, Basic English Pronunciation. Get more pronunciation help! My full 5-unit course Basic English Pronunciation launches Sept. 10, 2018 and you can sign up now. Each lesson includes a text version, audio, as well as a video. Materials are downloadable so that you canContinue reading “Basic English Pronunciation: Vowels”

Improving Your English Reading Skills

  How to Improve Your Reading Skills A mini-lesson from Teacher Amanda One way to improve your reading skills is simply to read as much as you can. But there are other strategies that can also help you. One of these is called PPPA. Let’s take a look. Step 1: Preview Specifically, look at theseContinue reading “Improving Your English Reading Skills”