“Used to” vs. “Am used to”

I used to live in San Francisco. I am used to living in San Francisco. Take a look at the two sentences above. They are very similar, but have very different meanings! What’s the difference? First:¬†Notice how the two sentences are different. Sentence 1 says¬† “used to live,” while sentence 2 says “am used toContinue reading ““Used to” vs. “Am used to””

3 Idioms About Language

If you think about it, there is a lot of English language that revolves around, well, using language! Here are some useful idioms and sayings related to using language and conversation. 1. off the top of my head Meaning: Without researching the answer; without being sure Example: “I don’t know what time I have toContinue reading “3 Idioms About Language”