University Companion Course

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From the upcoming course “University Companion: Academic ESL Reading & Writing “


The full course of 10 lessons will launch later in 2018 and is geared toward people interested in improving their academic reading and writing in English (for non-native speakers).

  • Great for university-level students or anyone who desires to write more professionally in English
  • Text and audio files provided, with bonus materials for select lessons

Lessons Included:
Lesson 1: Reading Strategies
Lesson 2: Brainstorming and Pre-Writing Techniques
Lesson 3: Finding Your Thesis / Main Idea
Lesson 4: Writing Your Introduction
Lesson 5: Constructing Body Paragraphs
Lesson 6: Incorporating Quotes and Using Sources
Lesson 7: Writing Conclusions
Lesson 8: How to Revise: Transitions, Grammar, and the Big Picture
Lesson 9: How to Cite Your Sources

Coming soon to my Teachable course site.

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