English Intonation

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO AUDIO OF THIS LESSON (Tip: Listen while you read!) What is Intonation? Intonation is the "music" or "melody" of speech. It's the way the pitch or sound of a person's voice rises and falls while speaking.   How is it Used in Speech? When someone raises or lowers their pitch… Continue reading English Intonation

4 ways to improve your English pronunciation

"Can you repeat that?" Anyone who has studied a foreign language has definitely had this experience: You try so hard to communicate something - what you want to order at a restaurant, to tell a story to someone, or to ask where something is - but the person you're talking to can't understand you. Sometimes… Continue reading 4 ways to improve your English pronunciation

Basic English Pronunciation: Vowels

Check out my latest YouTube video, Lesson 1 in my upcoming 5-unit course, Basic English Pronunciation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_10k9qJHzs Get more pronunciation help! My full 5-unit course Basic English Pronunciation launches Sept. 10, 2018 and you can sign up now. Each lesson includes a text version, audio, as well as a video. Materials are downloadable so that you… Continue reading Basic English Pronunciation: Vowels