Weekend Idiom: The pot calling the kettle black

Time for a weekend idiom!

Have you ever heard someone say, “Now that’s the pot calling the kettle black”? It’s an idiom that can be confusing. Let’s think about it in literal terms:

And here’s an example of how it might be used in a conversation:

“Can you believe Samantha said I spend too much money?
I might spend a lot on clothing, but she spends so much money on *everything*!
I mean, that’s the pot calling the kettle black!”

After seeing the photo and reading the example above, what’s your guess as to what “the pot calling the kettle black” means?

If you guessed someone who is a hypocrite, you guessed correctly!

In other words, when you say “that’s the pot calling the kettle black,” it means that you believe someone is calling you something that they themselves already are.

Try and use this idiom in the next week. And let me know how it goes! Do you have questions or comments about this lesson?

Email me: amanda@teacheramanda.com.

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